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Falling - Ladder Safety

In the construction industry, safety should always be a number one priority. Considering the 9th annual Construction Safety Day falls early next month, it seems appropriate to discuss one of the Fatal Four (the top four injuries that lead to fatalities in the construction industry) - falling. Let's start with the numbers: In 2012, the Fatal [...]

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Ladder Safety Common Sense

Ladder safety is often shrugged off as a common-sense topic, and yet the statistics of ladder-related injuries show that it is not a topic to take lightly.The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that every year over 90,000 people receive emergency room treatment from ladder-related injuries. OSHA believes that 100% of ladder accidents could be [...]

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Ladder Fail IV

Ladder Safety: A PoemHow unsafe are thee? Let me count the ways. Thou art unsafe to the depth and breadth and height your ladder can reach, when not stabilized against a solid surface.  Thou takest thy life in thy hands, but if God choose, thou shall be spared a nasty fall. At which point, thou shouldst [...]

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Ladder Fail III

We at Ladder-Max are in the business of keeping you safe. In fact, our motto is, "We Make Ladders SAFER!" Our products are designed to improve your chances of getting up and down a ladder safely, whether by using one of our standoff stabilizers, a ladder leveler, a tool tray to prevent you from making [...]

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GutterBrush on NBC's Today!Home Improvement Expert Lou Manfredini will be discussing important Fall Home Maintenance Tips including GutterBrush!Tuesday, September 30th In the 10 am hour of NBC's Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda don't miss the "Ask Lou!" segment where Lou will give fall tips on gutter choices, winterizing your lawnmower and ridding your home of creepy crawly spiders. Lou will feature [...]

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​Gutter Care for DIYers PART II

In our last blog about rain gutters, we recommended that homeowners have rain gutters professionally installed for the best protection against leaks.But what about a gutter protection system? There is only one that we highly recommend--and is the only one we distribute--that is not only inexpensive, but easy enough for almost any homeowner to install by themselves.That system is GutterBrush. GutterBrush [...]

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Ladder Fail II

Ladder Fail IIHere’s another good reason that we--ingenious designer and maker of ladder accessories that we are--invented the Ladder-Max standoff stabilizer.To protect your siding, gutters, and roof from ladder damage. And of course, primarily, to protect the person climbing the ladder. It never occurred to us before seeing this photo that ladders could also damage the electric meter, but [...]

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Ladder Fail I

Ladder Fail IThis guy is the reason we invented the Ladder-Max standoff stabilizer. And guys like him. Guys like, maybe … you?He’s not a complete idiot. He just has a big job to do—hang the Christmas lights on the second story eaves—and he’s got to move that ladder over and over to get the job done. He wants to get the [...]

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​Three Great Reasons To Use a Ladder Standoff Stabilizer

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a homeowner, using a ladder standoff saves you money, saves you time, and prevents injuries.Let’s start with how using a ladder standoff stabilizer saves you money. (Of course, when you save time and avoid injuries, you will also save money, but we’ll get to those in a moment.) Possibly [...]

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​Protecting Rain Gutters from Ladder Damage

In reviewing innovative ladder safety products, author and construction pro Chip Macdonald had this to say about preventing damage to rain gutters (eavestroughs) in Roofing Contractor Magazine:Let me try and recall how many gutters I have crushed, repaired and then crushed again while setting up and/or climbing ladders to the roof in the past 40 years. On second thought, let’s not [...]

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