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Gutter Cleaning with the Number 1 Standoff and Stabilizer: Ladder-Max

The time to get started on spring projects is before spring starts. If you're looking for gutter cleaning solutions, Ladder-Max is the tool you need. The Ladder-Max Standoff Stabilizer connects to almost any ladder, giving you 19 inches of standoff from the roof or wall and 36 inches from tip to tip to stabilize you [...]

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What to Get Your DIY Man for Valentines Day

Valentines day is around the corner and if your partner is a fix-it, diy kind of guy, we have the perfect gift to give. The Ladder-Max Standoff and Stabilizer fits to your ladder, stabilizing it and allowing 19 inches of standoff so projects can be done safely and easily. Chores around the house don't have [...]

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Taking Down Decorations in the New Year

The holidays have come and gone and 2024 has arrived. Now is the time to take down all the decorations we put up in the festive season. Make it easier with a Ladder-Max Standoff and Stabilizer. Not only will this ladder standoff help with your time, but also with your safety inside and outside the [...]

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Ladder-Max in the New Year

The new year is here and with it are resolutions. Have you been putting off a gutter cleaning, roof project, or painting the siding? Now is the time to think about upcoming projects and prepare. The first thing needed is the right tools for the right project. The Ladder-Max Standoff and Stabilizer is the tool [...]

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Ladder-Max, the Perfect Christmas Gift

What do you get the man who has everything - how about something that will keep him safe every time he uses it. If you or your significant other have a do-it-yourself mindset, you know there are certain tools that you just need for projects. You can add the Ladder-Max Ladder Standoff and Stabilizer to [...]

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Ladder-Max Provides the Solution you Need

Whether you have traditional rain gutters, leaf covers, or something else entirely, Ladder-Max has you covered to help clean out those gutters from debris. The Ladder-Max Standoff and Stabilizer allows you 19 inches of standoff, so you can easily and comfortably reach where you need to without crushing, scratching, or damaging your gutters and home. [...]

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The Happiest Time of the Year with Ladder-Max

While we all get our turkey's defrosted and mashed potatoes prepared, don't forget the next step this holiday season... hanging holiday decor. Whether you observe Christmas, Hanukkah, or celebrate another way, this time can be stress-free and safe. The number one ladder standoff and stabilizer is here to make the hard work go by quickly [...]

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Keep Your Gutters Free of Dents and Scratches

Why are we still leaning ladders on gutters? Not only can it leave dents and scratches, but it's harder to clean around the ladder when it's directly placed against the gutters. With the Ladder-Max ladder standoff and stabilizer, you avoid damaging your gutters while also gaining a better distance from your gutters to reach and [...]

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Hanging Holiday Lights with the best ladder standoff and stabilizer

The time for Christmas lights is coming. Before it gets here, be sure to have all your holiday tools set to go. The Ladder-Max ladder standoff and stabilizer is ready to help you hang those lights with ease. With 19 inches of standoff, the Ladder-Max combines safety with versatility. It will keep you far enough [...]

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First of its Kind. OSHA Certified and Professional Grade

While it's a common practice to lean an extension ladder against the gutters, it is not only unsafe, but can leave dents, scratches, and creases in the gutters. While others have tried to copy the Ladder-Max in design, we at Ladder-Max hold our products to the highest safety standards and are proud to say our [...]

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