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Spring DIY House Projects

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One DIY project that needs attention every spring is cleaning your gutters. After winter, the debris, leaves, and pine needles will clog up gutters and require a quick clean out. Hiring this project out can cost a good chunk of change and it's not that difficult of a task to do. The first thing you need is your supplies... a ladder, a ladder standoff, a gutter scoop, and a bucket. 

When looking for a ladder standoff, you want something sturdy and safe with ample room to work. The Ladder-Max Standoff Stabilizer is the perfect fit for that need. This standoff gives you 19" of space between the tip of the arm to the bend. It is a sturdy 36" from tip to tip and the signature orange tips are non-marring. Let the Ladder-Max keep you safe as you get your gutters cleaned out, and you'll have it done in no time!