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Ladder Fail III

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We at Ladder-Max are in the business of keeping you safe. In fact, our motto is, "We Make Ladders SAFER!" Our products are designed to improve your chances of getting up and down a ladder safely, whether by using one of our standoff stabilizers, a ladder leveler, a tool tray to prevent you from making more trips up and down than necessary, our gutter cleaning tools that increase your safe reach, or some of our other safety related products.

Notice that you do not see any of our products in the photo above. Don't be like this guy.

Sadly, many customers contact us for our ladder safety products only AFTER they (or their spouses) have fallen from a ladder, or had a very scary near miss. You can see this trend in many of our product reviews, as well. Perhaps we will list some of those reviews in a future blog.

We would love to be able to hand out standoff stabilizers and levelers and all the other safety products we carry, just hand them out to anyone who needs to get on a roof, so that we and all spouses could sleep better at night. But, alas, Ladder-Max is a business and has expenses to cover. But even though we have to sell our products and are not able to give them away, we at Ladder-Max take your safety seriously, and urge everyone with a ladder in their future to heed this advice: don't wait until AFTER you have a ladder accident. Start shopping right now, while you're already on this site, and make your ladder safer!

Don't be like the guy in the photo.