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The Ins and Outs of Gutter Cleaning - Part 1

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Cleaning out the gutters is not the most exciting chore, but it is a necessary one. If left untouched, gutters can quickly fill up with leaves and debris, causing damage and costly repairs down the road.

While there isn't just one way to go about it, there are definitely a variety of helpful tips that make this tedious task easier.

Ladder Safety

There doesn't need to be a lot of preparation for this job, but flinging your ladder up against the gutters is not the best way to start a project. Not only will you damage your gutters, you risk your ladder sliding while you're on it. Investing in a Ladder-Max Standoff Stabilizer is a big time-and-money-saver in the end. The non-marring, heavy duty tips will provide four points of stable contact to protect you from slipslide and protect your house from damage. The standoff distance also allows you to work in a natural, unstrained position.

Proper Tools

So you've got your ladder safely set-up, with your Ladder-Max Standoff Stabilizer attached, and you're looking down at the mess in your gutters. Now what? Sure, you could just reach in and start throwing that mess over your shoulders, but cleaning up a mess by creating another mess just means more work. The Gutter Cleaning Value Pack from Ladder-Max includes four essential tools to make this project less of a chore. 

The Gutter Getter Gutter Scoop has a flexible tip that conforms to any size gutter. Its extended tongue also easily reaches under gutter supports. 

The Gutter Grabber thoroughly cleans gutters with a patented blade shape that fits against the corner of any gutter and lies flat against the bottom and side. 

The Gutter Grabber Extension Pole includes a 42" three piece extension pole. Add this to your Gutter Grabber and reach up to 16 feet of gutter without moving your ladder!

The Bucket Hook is a swivel snap hook that attaches to your ladder to hold paint cans, buckets, or tools. This is a perfect tool to help with holding gutter debris during clean-up!