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Ladder Fail II

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Ladder Fail II

Here’s another good reason that we--ingenious designer and maker of ladder accessories that we are--invented the Ladder-Max standoff stabilizer.

To protect your siding, gutters, and roof from ladder damage. And of course, primarily, to protect the person climbing the ladder. It never occurred to us before seeing this photo that ladders could also damage the electric meter, but apparently this guy figured out a way to do it.

First, let’s point out the obvious: this is a job for an extension ladder, not a step-ladder.

Extension ladders, as everyone knows, are designed to reach heights that step-ladders cannot. And greater heights mean greater risks – the more extended the ladder, the less stable it becomes. Simple physics.

The ANSI certified and OSHA compliant Ladder-Max standoff stabilizer compensates for that instability and puts physics to work for you by stabilizing your ladder with arms that reach 36" from tip to tip. Our signature orange tips are made of non-marring heavy duty plastic and provide four points of stable contact to protect you from sideslip and to protect the surface on which your Ladder-Max standoff rests.

The standoff distance also allows you to work in a natural, unstrained position. You're able to reach farther more safely. Contrast to guy above, reaching farther, not safely by anyone's standards.

Second, let’s point out that whatever this guy is trying to accomplish, unless there’s a baby trapped under the eaves, is not worth knocking his meter off the house, let alone putting himself into the hospital, or worse.

Below: wouldn’t you rather see your loved one climb to the top of the second story using this extension ladder with a heavy-duty professional-grade yet reasonably-priced Ladder-Max standoff stabilizer, than be related to the guy from the first photo?

Ladder Safety – It’s No Joke

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