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Summer Projects 2024

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Summer is here and so are all the outdoor projects that come with it. If you're in the market for a ladder standoff for cleaning gutters, look no further than the Ladder-Max Standoff/Stabilizer. This standoff attaches to your ladder, stabilizing it while providing 19" of standoff from the wall or roof. One of the only standoffs available that is made to lean against the roof, the Ladder-Max has four points of contact from our signature orange tips, so you can be sure you're safe while on your ladder.

Cleaning your gutters doesn't need to be such a chore when you have the Ladder-Max with you. For even more ease, try our ladder standoff tray, the Multi-Tray Project and Tool Tray. This tray can hold all the tools you need while you're up on your ladder. No more climbing up and down!

Best Ladder Standoff for Cleaning Gutters

The Ladder-Max Standoff Stabilizer is a needed tool for cleaning gutters. Before getting up on your ladder, make sure you put your safety first. This standoff is 36 inches from tip to tip and gives you 19 inches of standoff space. If you require more or less space, try the Multi-Pro for Corners and More, [...]

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Ladder Standoff for Roof

The Ladder-Max is one of the only standoffs on the market that is certified for roof placement. The non-marring signature orange tips provide four points of contact and keep you safe while you're on the ladder and accessing the roof. Attach any Ladder-Max standoff stabilizer to the third rung from the top of your ladder and [...]

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Spring DIY House Projects

One DIY project that needs attention every spring is cleaning your gutters. After winter, the debris, leaves, and pine needles will clog up gutters and require a quick clean out. Hiring this project out can cost a good chunk of change and it's not that difficult of a task to do. The first thing you [...]

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Spring Savings and Specials

If you're looking for a deal this spring, look no further than the Ladder-Max Bundles. These select items currently have free shipping included. Whether you are looking a standoff or a whole gutter cleaning bundle, there's something for you.Move your project along smoothly with the Ladder-Max Multi-Pro/24" Bundle. This bundle comes with the standard Multi-Pro with [...]

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Spring Cleaning

While it is often used outside, it is no secret that the Ladder-Max Standoff and Stabilizer can be used inside your home too! Whether you need to reach a window, trim, or a shelf high on the wall, the Ladder-Max can help keep your ladder stable and you safe. With 19 inches of standoff, you [...]

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Cleaning Gutters - Ladder Safety

Cleaning your gutters requires a ladder. There are a couple options on what kind of ladder you can use. A step ladder may work for some gutters. Utilizing something like the Multi-Tray Project and Tool Tray can help keep all your tools in one place next to your working area, eliminating trips up and down [...]

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How to Clean Gutters

While it's easy to put off cleaning out the gutters, over time debris and leaves will clog them, leaving more of a mess to deal with later. Build-up can lead to mold, roof leaks, and sagging gutters. By keeping up with cleaning, you can avoid all that damage. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice [...]

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Ladder Standoff for Gutters and Roof Access

What's the best ladder attachment for accessing your roof? The Ladder-Max Standoff Stabilizer attaches to your ladder, stabilizing it and providing 19" of standoff from the wall or roof. This is the number one choice ladder standoff for gutters, making cleaning and clearing out gutters easier than ever before. Protect yourself, your house, and your [...]

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About the Ladder-Max Standoff Stabilizer

If you’re not familiar with the Ladder-Max Standoff/Stabilizer, it’s the safest standoff on the market. The Ladder-Max was designed with safety in mind. It’s constructed of rugged, durable, rust-resistant steel and meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA standards for type 1AA special duty #375 rating. It’s certified for roof placement and eliminates the need to [...]

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