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Taking Down Decorations in the New Year

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The holidays have come and gone and 2024 has arrived. Now is the time to take down all the decorations we put up in the festive season. Make it easier with a Ladder-Max Standoff and Stabilizer. Not only will this ladder standoff help with your time, but also with your safety inside and outside the house. There's four points of contact with our signature orange tips, 19" of standoff from a wall or the roof, and 36" from tip to tip for plenty of room to reach what you need. Don't crush your gutters, mark up your walls, or overreach when grabbing things from the walls or roof. Let the Ladder-Max fill the need in keeping you safe while you get your projects done.

Don't let this project take over the whole weekend. Get it done fast and safely with help from the Ladder-Max.