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What to Get Your DIY Man for Valentines Day

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Valentines day is around the corner and if your partner is a fix-it, diy kind of guy, we have the perfect gift to give. The Ladder-Max Standoff and Stabilizer fits to your ladder, stabilizing it and allowing 19 inches of standoff so projects can be done safely and easily. Chores around the house don't have to be overwhelming when you have a little help with the Ladder-Max. Reach gutters with ease and access the roof without hassle.

If you need more standoff space, try the Multi-Pro for Corners and More. This standoff/stabilizer utilizes different attachments for different needs: 24" standoff, 19" standoff, 13" standoff, a corner standoff, and a wide span standoff. The Multi-Pro comes standard with the corner attachments but if you're looking for something different, we offer a variety of bundles to fit every need. Check out our bundles here.