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Being Adaptable - The Multi-Pro Adaptable Standoff Stabilizer

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The Ladder-Max Multi-Pro Adaptable Standoff Stabilizer is a versatile tool that works for an endless list of projects - installing holiday lights, easily accessing the roof, and cleaning out the gutters are just the start of the list. It takes projects to the next level by eliminating the time and energy wasted by trying to reach places that most ladders can't reach on their own. With the Multi-Pro Adaptable Standoff Stabilizer, you can reach almost anywhere without compromising safety.

With versatility in mind, the Multi-Pro adapts to meet all your needs. With 5 distinct interchangeable attachments, you are able to finish projects safer and quicker than ever before - place your ladder on a corner, span a 4 foot window, create a greater standoff from the wall, or create a closer standoff distance! Whatever the project, the Multi-Pro adapts to fit what you require.

The Ladder-Max Multi-Pro Adaptable Standoff Stabilizer fits all major aluminum, wood, and fiberglass extension and articulating ladders. This professional grade stabilizer is a must-have tool for homeowners and professionals alike - gutter installers, painters, roofers, siders, home inspectors, window cleaners, exterminators, insurance adjustors, and utility workers. Learn more about the Multi-Pro Adaptable Standoff Stabilizer and how it can work for your projects at

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