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Is there a maintenance free gutter system?

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Is there such a thing as a maintenance free gutter system out there? The simple (and disappointing) answer is, no.

But there is a gutter guard system that is a breeze for any homeowner to install (any homeowner who is okay with climbing a ladder, that is), and very easy to maintain. GutterBrush is a “twisted wire” product which looks a lot like a giant bottle brush. That’s what goes into your gutter, the big brush. You just lay each three-foot section into the gutter, no tools or special ability required.

Gutter Brush will keep out the majority of debris from your gutters. Very, very little will get through to the gutter itself. Some will get stuck on the wires, but most of this will blow off over time. What doesn’t blow off is simple to shake off, because the “bottle brush” is just lying in your gutter. So you grab a three-foot section, pull it out of the gutter, and shake it off while still standing on your ladder. You will see that there is not much organic debris in your gutter. But after a number of years, if you want to lift all the GutterBrush out of your gutters and do a thorough gutter clean, that will get the gutters completely free of debris. Then just shake off each Gutter Brush section and lay it into your clean gutter again.

The best part of the GutterBrush gutter care system is its low cost. The product itself is inexpensive (about $3 a foot or even less, from Ladder-Max at, but the real cost saving comes because anyone who is comfortable on a ladder can install this gutter protection system himself or herself. Just drop it into a clean gutter and you’re done. Once you purchase and install the product yourself, there are no more costs ever.

So even though there is no truly maintenance-free gutter care system available, GutterBrush is about as close as it comes. It isn't no-maintenance, but it's low, low maintenance. That’s why it’s the only gutter care and protection system we provide for our customers.