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Cleaning Gutters - Ladder Safety

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Cleaning your gutters requires a ladder. There are a couple options on what kind of ladder you can use. A step ladder may work for some gutters. Utilizing something like the Multi-Tray Project and Tool Tray can help keep all your tools in one place next to your working area, eliminating trips up and down the ladder. This tray works on both step ladders and the Ladder-Max Standoff Stabilizer. If you're on an extension ladder, the Ladder-Max will stabilize your ladder, keeping you safe. It also has 19 inches of standoff, giving you ample room to reach inside your gutters to clean them out. 

Whether you are on a step ladder or an extension ladder, it is important to feel comfortable while you work. Let the Ladder-Max Standoff Stabilizer help you stay safe and the Multi-Tray Project and Tool Tray help keep your tools together.