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Ladder-Max "Original"/Leveler Combo

19.00 LBS
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Product Description

Bundle includes Ladder Max Original Ladder Standoff Stabilizer, and Quick Connect Ladder Leveler Kit. For detailed information, please view each of these products on our website.

Warranty Information

SHIPPING INCLUDED! Save $$ off the normal delivered price on this Bundle.

Bundle includes:

  • Original Ladder-Max Standoff/Stabilizer
  • Quick Connect Ladder Leveler Kit

Combined, these two products will help you get your project done quickly and as safely as possible.


The Ladder-Max Original/Leveler Combo is designed with safety in mind. The Original Standoff/Stabilizer is the perfect ladder safety accessory. It provides 19 inches of standoff, gives your ladder more stability, creates a safer working environment, and protects your gutters, siding and roof. The Quick Connect Ladder Leveler Kit allows you to work safely on uneven ground. It enables virtually any ladder to adapt to just about any indoor or outdoor situation, from stairwells to uneven terrain on job sites. The Quick Connect leveler is approved and used by companies like Verizon and Time Warner for their technicians.

The Quick Connect kit contains two base units and one leveler. The lightweight base units attach permanently to both ladder legs, adding only a little over a pound of weight to the ladder. The leveler is then snapped onto the base unit of whichever side needs to be adjusted, adding minimal weight and bulk to ladders that are already too heavy, too bulky and too awkward.

When the job is done, pop off the leveler, put it in your tool box or snap it onto another ladder for a different job. Any ladder with the base units installed becomes a Quick Connect system! No other leveler provides as much versatility or safety.

Pairs of Base Units and/or single Levelers can be purchased separately for use on multiple ladders.

Note: This Leveler is approved for installation on ladders up to and including Type 1AA (375 lb) duty ratings.

Product Reviews

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  1. Good 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2014


  2. No more searching for boards! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2014

    I mounted this on a 24ft Werner Fiberglass 300lb ladder. Everything functions as it should and, once set, the leveler has never slipped and the ladder stayed safe and secure. A couple of install/usage notes... 1) Locate your mounting blocks as high up the ladder legs as you can while still being able to secure the top bolt/nut under the bottom rung of the ladder without interference. Ideally when the leveler leg is in the fully retracted position it would be at least an inch above your ladder leg but due to some ladders construction this may not be possible. The idea here is that when you have the leveler on your ladder and are trying to move your ladder and use the feet for stability, the leveler is not getting in your way. It also will make it easier when attaching the leveler or switching it to the other side when the ladder is already leaning against the house. The heavier the ladder, the more necessary this point becomes. 2) When you have everything ready to go and are actually using the leveler, you may find that you want to go just slightly past vertical with your ladder while adjusting the leg. This usually allows the ladder to settle back into a vertical position after the play in the leveler has been used up. No more leaning ladders! I'm getting to old to fall.

    Now onto the stabilizer part of this combo. It installs in seconds with no tools which is one of the main reasons I decided to purchase this. The 19" standoff that it gives was perfect for installing soffit/fascia on a 12" overhang. The large round feet offered plenty of grip and never left any marks on my vinyl siding. Having never used one of these before, I was amazed at how much easier it is to work on siding/windows/gutter with it on the ladder. That being said, I did run into situations where I didn't want it on there, but all it takes is a few seconds to remove as well. It will take you longer to take your ladder down and stand it back up than it does to install/remove this stabilizer.

    After adding both the leveler and stabilizer to your ladder you may need someone to help you move it because they do add weight, but the confidence that it gives having a level secured ladder to stand on when you are 20' in the air is more than worth the weight. Every homeowner with a ladder needs this!

  3. Happy customer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2014

    This Ladder Max and leveler combo works great. I have used it 1-2 times monthly for last 5 months. Would recommend it to a friend. Easy to attach and remove the Ladder-Max section. Two pins with retaining locks make it quick. I have a typical aluminum extension ladder from our local hardware store. The leveler requires reading the instructions and a little thought to apply correctly. You need to drill a couple holes to attach it to the ladder. Select from the several spacers the ones that apply to your ladder. This extension comes with two mounting plates so the adjusting section can be quickly changed from the left or right leg of the ladder. The leveler is easy to use. It is up out of the way when the ground is level. When I work on a slope, I put the ladder in place (leaning onto the roof) and then use my foot to push the extension down to reach the ground. This does add some weight to the ladder, but I can still carry it and tip it up easily. This has made my ladder work much safer.

  4. Must Have For Getting On Ladder 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2014

    This is a must have for any work that you need a ladder. First of all it is very easy to install. The instructions are quite clear. One reason I purchased the Ladder-Max and Leveler Combo is I am over 50 and a fall is something I don't need. With the Ladder Max you can set it where you can get off the ladder VERY easy and get back ON the ladder just as easy when having to get on the roof. The Levelers are as easy to install when following the instructions. They make the ladder much more stable. With the combo climbing a ladder is not something that I worry about any more. Also, I would like to mention the money I have saved by not having to pay some one to get on my roof and clean out the gutters. My first concern was SAFETY!

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