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​LADDER SAFETY – Three Points of Contact

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What are the best ways to avoid ladder accidents? The American Ladder Institute tells us that “three points of contact” is a big key to avoiding slips and falls from a ladder. When you are climbing and when you are coming down from your ladder, make sure that at every moment, you have two hands and one foot in contact with the ladder, or one hand and both feet. Even if your foot or hand slips, the other two points of contact will keep you secure.

This is similar to the principle we used when designing our ladder standoff stabilizers. The Orange Tips on the ends of the arms produce FOUR points of contact on the wall or roof or other surface your standoff is resting on to maximize ladder safety. Not only do they provide the best protection against side-slip, but they’re made of non-marring heavy duty plastic to protect housing material from ladder damage. These Tips are made to fit both types of standoff stabilizers that Ladder-Max offers (the Original fixed arm, and the Multi-Pro for Corners & More), and also fit the various attachments for the versatile Multi-Pro: the 13” attachment, 19” attachment, 24” attachment, and Wide Span 51” attachment, in addition to the Corner attachment that comes with the Multi-Pro standoff stabilizer.

Remember, even though ladders are a common tool and don’t have sharp blades or other obvious hazards, thousands of ladder users every year, including professionals, sustain serious injuries and even die from ladder accidents. Be safe: take your time going up and down your ladder, use a tool belt or tool tray, and make sure your body and your ladder have enough points of contact to prevent slipping.

More ladder safety tips next time!