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​How to Choose a Gutter Guard System

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At Ladder-Max, we know about rain gutter protection. Our ladder standoff stabilizers are the only ones on the market certified for direct roof placement to protect your gutters.

But did you know that we are also experts when it comes to the best ways to clean and maintain your gutters? There are many types of gutter systems available to homeowners, but only one we know of with virtually no drawbacks. That system is GutterBrush, a “twisted wire” product that is easy to install and very affordable. Before we get to the details about GutterBrush (free shipping available at, though, let’s look at some other gutter guards.

Foam gutter guards are designed to fit standard gutter styles, but can generally be cut to fit inside your gutters if yours is non-standard. The porous foam is meant to catch debris on top while allowing water to filter through to the gutter. The downside is, debris tends to build up on top of the foam, creating a water barrier, which is the last thing you want in a gutter guard system. Once that wet debris starts to build up, you will have to climb up and remove it by hand, because there is no scoop that can do the job efficiently for you.

Another gutter protection system is a flat screen or convex metal mesh guard that fits over your rain gutters to keep leaves and other accumulated debris from gathering in the gutter and clogging it. Regardless of the metal content (galvanized steel, aluminum, powder coated steel), the results are the same: debris gets stuck to the metal guard and builds up, eventually blocking the mesh and preventing water from running into the gutter.

The GutterBrush system is the only gutter guard which prevents debris build-up on top of the system. That’s because Gutter-Brush is like a giant pipe cleaner, with wires sticking out in all directions. Leaves and pine needles blow right past it since there is no flat surface on which to build up. Some debris will stick to the wires, but a few breezy days will blow off just about every leaf, which are attached by one thin wire instead of adhered to a flat surface like the foam or metal screen of the other systems.

The twisted wire system of Gutter Brush has another advantage: it costs a fraction of what the other gutter guards sell for. And it is by far the simplest gutter system to install. You just lay it into a clean gutter and fold back any portion that is too long to fit. No tools, no cutting, no hassle.