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TM Testimonials

Home Owners

"This device is the greatest thing since the "ladder" was invented! No longer is my type II 24' extension ladder unstable with my 220 pound body on it. It gives me a lot more confidence and security while cleaning out my rain gutters or cleaning upstairs windows, highly recommended!!!" -Ruben-Hollister, CA
"I received my ladder max and am very pleased. It was very easy to put together and well designed. Being a structural design specialist, I am not easily impressed. I recently had gutter guards installed and can no longer lean a ladder against the gutters. The ladder max works perfectly to solve this problem. Thanks!"
"I received my Ladder-Max the next day. I assembled it and used it that day and was very pleased with my purchase. It was easy to assemble and use. I am impressed with your product and how quickly I received it. Thanks."
"I ordered one of the ladder max about 3 weeks ago. After using it I have decided to order another one. I do maintenance for a property mgt. co. and we have a lot of gutters to clean. This product works great! Very good product."
"I recently bought the Ladder-Max because it provided a greater standoff distance, 19" as compared to other products that only provided 10" to 12", and because of its rugged appearing construction. I needed to do some work on my second story gutters and fascia boards and my 21' ladder would only get me under my eaves. With the Ladder-Max I am able to get my head above the gutters and work at a comfortable arms reach from them. The stability I feel with the product installed makes me comfortable as well, which is important to me because I don't like heights. And I hadn't realized, when I ordered it, how easy it was going to be to attach and detach. I love this product. A fan for life."
"I'm retired now but I was in the construction business for almost 30 years. I'd bought another brand's typical ladder stand-off and fortunately I saw an ad for your Ladder-Max stand-off before I opened the other box. I took the other one back and bought yours. This is just to let you know that this is one of the best accessories I've ever bought. I could not believe how stable it is. Cleaning gutters 20 feet in the air was a breeze. I've never seen anything so stable."
"Your products work very well and are durably constructed. I have a natural fear of heights, but with the help of Ladder-Max and Ladder Leveler I feel ground level secure 20 feet up. Your products now allow me to perform jobs around my house and cabin that I previously thought would have to be performed by a contractor. Thanks again for the peace of mind and the money I will save as well with my home projects!"
"Thanks for your very prompt and thoughtful service regarding the two ladder stand-offs I ordered recently. These days good service is almost unheard of. I hope to order more from you later. Thanks again."
"Finally got tired after 15 years of fighting with my 24 and 32 foot extension ladder and ordered the ladder leveling kit. Time to paint eaves and getting too old to fall off ladder due to an uneven ground. Thanks again."
"I just received my Ladder-Max from your company and I'm very pleased. It works just as advertised, perhaps even better."
"I received the ladder max today, Monday, 24 Dec. I've already tried it out and it was most satisfactory. Thank you once again for your prompt service and I will certainly recommend it to all my friends. Have a happy Christmas."
"Our Ladder-Max arrived today. Took 10 minutes to assemble. Would've been more like 7 minutes if I'd read the instructions. Perhaps, for folks like me, a little peel-off sticker that says, "this is the BOTTOM step, you twit!!" Great packaging, clear instructions, well-thought-out assembly components. I think I'm going to like it."
"I received the Ladder-Max on Saturday and put it together and began to use it immediately. It worked great and I felt much safer cleaning out my gutters. It is a great addition to my collection of tools and I am now eyeing your Ladder Leveling system."


"Hello. We love our ladder max's and couldn't do our gutter jobs without them."
"I purchased a LadderMax several years ago, and it has been absolutely wonderful!"
laddermaxTM Lmax

For Added Safety and Stability

without damaging gutters or roofing. Combine your gutter cleaning tools with the Ladder-Max Standoff Stabilizer.


GutterBrush - Gutter Guard Testimonials
"The gutterbrushes are working well, as intended. I have squirrels that clip the ends of a juniper tree and previously they had fallen and blocked the gutters. They can eat all they want now."
Howard - Lafayette, LA
"I can't tell you how much I despise my old gutter cover system!!! The salesman forced my husband and I to sit through a 3 hour sales pitch! 'We had much better things to do'. Then came the shocking price tag of over $3000, which we unfortunately paid!!! Within 1 year, our gutters had a bees nest and experienced overflow during any significant rain storm. We have since moved out of that home and never got to take advantage of whatever guarantee they claimed. Your product makes so much more sense and at a fraction of the price! I know I have made a good decision with GutterBrush and I hope to eventually lose the buyers remorse from my previous mistake. Best of luck to you marketing this great product."
Nancy - Red Bank, NJ
"I find the GutterBrush to be a simple and effective tool in the battle of the list of 'homeowner honeydo tasks'. It's simple design to fill the gutters, yet prevent those leaves and pine needles from entering the gutter system will extend the life of the gutters and in effect reduce the maintenance factors. By allowing the roof drainage system to function properly, issues with damaged siding and foundations can be avoided. The GutterBrush allows the novice home maintenance person the ability to have clean gutters year round."
Bill - Housemaster Home Inspections - Placerville, CA
"Got my GutterBrush just in time as you can see from the pics of the maple seeds caught near the top of the brush. Rained all day yesterday and water is still flowing through the gutters and downspouts. Thanks for a good product at a reasonable price. I hope to sell a few feet of it to my neighbors when I see them o­n their ladders cleaning their gutters."
Mike - Murfreesboro, TN
"First of all, thank you for offering a product that has provided a value to me that surpasses the price I paid. We've gone around and around with clogged gutters for 20 years in our home. Several large trees in our backyard contribute to a constant barrage of debris with a huge oak right next to the house being the most egregious offender.
Back in late August, I felt I was taking a chance buying enough brush material to do the 70 feet of gutter o­n the back of our house, but after getting through this fall with the brushes up there I am more than pleased with their effectiveness. Granted, some leaves and debris get caught in them initially (though they cause no problems what so ever), but I've found that most of the leaves falling o­n the roof settle o­n top of the brushes and blow away o­n the next windy day.
Since I installed the brushes there has been no need to get up o­n the roof to clear my gutters, which is a big change from the weekly trips I've had to make through the many fall seasons prior to installing your product.
I am eager to tell anyone and everyone I know who has a similar problem about the brushes."
Don - Minneapolis, MN
"The GutterBrush was very easy to install o­n my second story. I just went to the end of the gutter, took a broom handle and pushed them along. I o­nly had to go to each end of the gutter to get them all in place. I can't wait to see them in action this Fall!"
Mitch - Elk Grove, CA
"Being a bit skeptical, I ordered 30 feet of GutterBrush to test. During a major storm which dropped over 3.7 inches of rain, I observed that my gutters clogged and overflowed except for the section where I had installed GutterBrush. I was so impressed that I immediately ordered a full box to finish off the rest of my gutters."
Ted - Grantsburg, WI
"Just wanted to say that I installed The GutterBrush and have been very pleased with the results. The large trees in my yard had my gutters constantly stuffed and, during heavy rains, overflowing. The overflow spilled o­nto the screens making them opaque. Now there is a clear view no matter how hard it rains and the flow from downspouts is gratifying."
Vic - Cooper City, FL